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About Changeworks during COVID-19.

Alongside continued zoom sessions, from May 17th, I will be returning to offering face to face sessions to a limited number of clients and referrals. Please ask for more information.

Family and Systemic Therapist, MSc.

Hello, my name is Lynsey Waterhouse. I started my company Changeworks, in 2007. I provide psychotherapy and counselling to children and adults. Family Therapists are very experienced professionals, who can help people talk together about feelings, behaviours and actions that are worrying or are causing people to be unhappy.
Over the years, I have also worked with many organisations offering direct therapy services, workshops, reflective practice and systemic consultations.

In March 2019 Changeworks moved to dedicated offices.
Find me at 12 Northgate, Chichester, PO19 1BA


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Lynsey Waterhouse

UKCP registered

Systemic Theory and how I work

A Family and Systemic Psychotherapist is interested in the patterns of conversations people have with one another, sometimes these can be unhelpful or cause frustrations or leave people feeling their needs are not being met.
The context of a conversation is also helpful to explore, as interactions can be impacted by power, gender, beliefs, education, religion and culture.

Changeworks supports:

  • Developing opportunities for people to communicate together about their lives

  • Encouraging children and families to talk openly and honestly about their thoughts and feelings

  • Creating a safe space where dilemmas can be identified and explored

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Changeworks is based in Chichester, West Sussex. Individuals, Couples and Parents can referral themselves and I welcome enquiries from GP's or other Health and Social Care Professionals.
If you would like to discuss support, or if you have any further questions you can contact me either by telephone on 07759 786715 or by email at

Family and Systemic Psychotherapy

Family and Systemic Psychotherapy

Supporting children and adults to communicate and explore their thoughts, feelings and actions

CPD Workshops and Short Courses

CPD Workshops and Short Courses

Delivering engaging, systemically informed topics that allow teams to explore relevant issues that are encoutered in Health and Social Care contexts

Systemic Consultation and Reflective Practice

Systemic Consultation and Reflective Practice

Bringing a systemically informed sense of curiosity for you and your work context or to a team or clinical situation with the aim of reflection and support.

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy.

How will we talk together?

When I first meet new clients, I am interested to hear from everyone, what they think is not going well. Each person might have their own story about what is going wrong and what or who needs to change.

- Communication might be a problem and individuals might feel their needs are not being met.
- Parents might be concerned about a child's behaviour
- A couple might be arguing and becoming unable to talk together.

I encourage people to be curious, asking questions about what they hear. Helping couples and families understand behaviours and exploring what impact it has on their relationships. By providing play equipment, puppets and pens and paper children and adults can help each other understand thoughts and feelings, when words are sometimes not enough.

How to book an appointment

Each Family Therapy session, for individuals, couples or families are 50 mins and are charged at £70.00.
If you have any questions please contact me by email at

Alternatively you may also contact me on 07759 786715.


Changeworks is committed to safe and professionally accountable practice. Information will remain confidential unless, with client agreement, it is felt to be beneficial to share information with a GP or other identified professionals. If I have reason to believe that a child or adult is at risk of harm to themselves or to others then the information may need to be shared without consent.

Client feedback

I cant thank you enough for all your support, it has been invaluable. You have sincerely helped me through such a hard time, that will always be remembered.

- Family Therapy - mum
I see that I have confidence and I like how I can be bold

- Family Therapy - young person
I found it so helpful to be able to say to my parents how I felt, after so many years.

- Family Therapy - adult male

Reflective Practice & Consultation Services

Professional support for caring professionals

Over the years I have met many Nurses, Doctors and Carers in the field of child disability or chronic illness who do not feel they have appropriate, supportive supervision.

The Royal College of Nursing Competencies in Palliative Care for Children and Young People 2012, states that "level 8 nurses should act as a facilitator for staff who require bereavement support, debrief staff and provide clinical supervision, mentor staff and understand and seek their own appropriate clinical superivison".

“At a personal level, Doctors need help in: • forming realistic expectations of themselves • accepting the feelings that some situations and patients produce • having a life outside of work • handling change and transitions • understanding the system in which they work • coping with unreasonable and stressful workloads. (Owen, Shohet and Owen, 2012)

Reflective Practice and Systemic Consultation can provide

  • Objective reviewing of information or problem
  • Different perspectives being considered and explored
  • New solutions uncovered
  • A space to share the personal impact of challenging work, which might be feelings of frustration, worry or sadness.

Good support for others, begins with your own professional support.

NICE, (2004) recommends the task of supervision to a level four professional. As a qualified and experienced Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, with NHS and Charitable sector experience, I am ready to provide you with the advanced clinical skills, along with relevant experiences of working with children and families, young people with additional needs and themes of disability, illness and bereavement.

I provide individual, reflective practice from £60.00 per person. For teams or groups please contact me with your specific requirements for a tailored quote. 


An example of a Systemic Consultation

Children's Hospice Service - Children's palliative care Nurses and Carers.

In leading the consultation, I invited everyone to help map out the family composition using information like age, marital status, and relationships to one another. I also used a pictorial tool called a Genogram and together we created a helpful diagram of the family members, their relationship to one another along with a summary of the presenting difficulty. I then invited each person in the group to make observations about how they saw the difficulty. We teased out several themes from the conversation and then focused on how we might go about addressing these.

The outcome from the consultation was a clear plan, with action points identified between the relevant professionals that were key working the case and an agreed date to bring this back to the group for ongoing feedback.


Systemic Reflective Practice

One to one support for an NHS Consultant - reflection and support

The Consultant had to break some bad news to a young person about the deterioration of their chronic condition. They had an existing relationship but the young person's family didn't feel able to listen to the information, wanting a second opinion from another Doctor. This was very difficult for the Doctor, as he wanted to support the family in their wish and offered to arrange the second option but as the family then didn't wish for the Doctor to continue to see the young person, his relationship with this young person ended, at a critical time in the young persons treatment. The Consultant had lots of feelings such as failure, sadness and frustration.


Feel, write, FLY - Journal writing workshop

Weekly workshop delivered by Zoom

Wednesdays 7.30-8.15pm

Feel, write, FLY is a online journal writing workshop. Created and facilitated by Lynsey Waterhouse, Family Therapist and Owner of Changeworks.

Feel, write, FLY provides all you need to begin a new healthy writing routine each week. With easy 'pay as you go' workshops that are packed with ideas and guided exercises intended to help you process difficult experiences and daily emotions.

#No experience necessary.
#You will not be asked to share your writing.
#Compentence in writing, spelling or English language is not needed.
If you want to support the wellbeing of Mind and Body through Journal Writing, come and write with us!


£7.50 per person, per workshop.
  • Feel, write, FLY journal workshops will be delivered via Zoom.

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Changeworks provides high quality, evidenced based therapeutic services.

Family Therapy is specialised and has a strong and historic evidence base. Changeworks can work with private individuals, families and couples, but also collaboratively with organisations and businesses. If you wish to make a referral or you have any questions about Changeworks services then please contact me by email or use the contact form below.
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Client comments
I found the counselling I received very useful and Lynsey was very professional.

– Individual male
I like coming to see Lynsey, she listens to me and there are things to fiddle with as we talk.

– Child
Just to say thank you so much for all your help and support. The advice you have given us has had such a positive impact on our family and we are so grateful.

– Couple/Family